Dr. Toohey and Toohey Plastic Surgery offer Latisse® treatments to the residents of Newport Beach and Orange County, California.

Many women notice their lashes tend to get thinner over time. Latisse® is a prescription medication designed to increase the length and thickness of lashes.

[Latisse Newport Beach, CA and Orange County, CA] Latisse® takes only a little bit of time to use each day. This medication comes with a special set of applicators that can be used to apply it to the lashes, and should be done only after all makeup and contact lenses have been removed.

First, the patient will place a drop of Latisse® solution on the end of the applicator. Beginning at the inside corner of the eye, the applicator is swiped across the ends of the eyelashes that are closest to the eyelid. When finished, the individual can simply pat any excess solution away with a dry cloth.

It’s important to make sure Latisse® does not come in contact with the eye, as this can cause irritation. It’s also important to keep the tip of the dropper bottle clean and bacteria free. Users should not touch this tip with their fingers or allow it to come into contact with foreign objects.

Those who use Latisse® can begin noticing results in around one to two weeks, with full results completely noticed around 16 weeks after beginning treatment. Most people notice longer lashes first, and then they gradually become thicker and darker. After obtaining maximum results, treatment needs to be continued; otherwise, the lashes will begin to appear shorter and thinner again.

There may be some itchiness and redness present in the eye shortly after applying Latisse®. Patients who use this prescription are more susceptible to dry eyes than those who do not use Latisse®. Hair can sometimes sporadically grow on the skin surrounding the eye after treatment has been ongoing for some time.

Patients who have irregular eye pressure should avoid using Latisse®, as they may notice complications. Some side effects that may occur include darkening of the eyelid, and the appearance of a brown pigment inside the iris of the eye. Those who have had eye surgery should discuss any possible complications with their physician before beginning to use Latisse®.

Many people have noticed an improvement in the length and thickness of their eyelashes after using Latisse®.

How Much Does Latisse® Cost in Newport Beach?

Your Latisse® treatment is a very personalized procedure. Therefore, Dr. Toohey’s staff will be happy to discuss Latisse® prices with you on an individual basis.

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